Best Tech News Apps for Android

It can be seen that in today's world development in information technology is taking place at a faster pace. There is a continuous competition among different firms. The best applications are being developed by hiring the top developers.

One even does not needs a newspaper now to check what is happening in the world. This is because a number of news applications can be downloaded from your Android smartphone. This is one of the top reasons for the increasing demand of such smartphones. Information is now readily available on one’s mobile phone. All you have to do is just download your favorite application.

Below is the list of news applications which a user can download from their Android phones easily.

Appy Geek

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Hearts of many tech enthusiasts were won by folks at "News Republic" when they launched the best application of news which is known as Appy Geek. This application has a wonderful "Dark UI" with amazing animations. These animations are very fluid as compared to a number of other themed applications. The most amazing thing about this application is that it is pre-subscribed to a variety of technology webpages. Like this a user can use the application at the moment they install it. One can also manage their subscriptions in the menu of setting so they are able to customize their feed.


Powerful tool to track a cell phone

One of those “RSS feed reader” which is proper and popular among individuals is Feedly. One is able to use it simply and you can subscribe to their best technology source by just one click too. Like this, you are able to create spaces separately for a number of articles too. The pricing strategy of Feedly is expensive but for a number of users, this is not a problem. 

Tech Tube

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It is such an application which is quite simple to operate a number of websites. Through this application, one is able to deliver their writings. One of those applications which are basic but it works very well when one wants to extract their news feed. This is one of those applications which are not only based for written articles but it also presents that content which has audio voices. It has such a mode which in inbuilt and dark. But it has one drawback too which is that it loads a large variety of ads. It will also cost you a huge amount of money to remove different ads.

Hacker News

Powerful tool to track a cell phone

One of those websites which are quite popular among its users is known as Hacker News. It is able to cover a large amount of information which is related to the world of tech. It also has one more benefit for those people whose data is on the verge of being hacked. It provides its readers with a number of articles related to how one can make their information safe from being hacked. It also provides you information related to hackers.

These are a variety of news applications which one can download from their Android mobile phones.

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